About Me

Born in Massachusetts in 1966, I was always creating, whether it was on paper,
 or on my bedroom wall with a whole box of crayons. Growing up in Southern NH,
 I led a happy childhood. But something always seemed vaguely missing. Or should I say,
only when I wasn’t creating did something seem missing. I have found that I am happiest
 creating. Whether it is painting, drawing or sculpting.
I have been pursuing art seriously for about five years.Having exhibited in central
and southern NH as well as northern Mass, I divide my focus between creating fine art and
using art as a tool in my Shamanic and energy work.
As long as I can create, even if the outcome is less than hoped for,I am happy.

Artist Statement

My work deals with memories, dreams and emotions. I begin by taking one of my own
 photographs and making a transparency out of it. I then use this in a construct on
canvas , panel or board. I begin the process of layering acrylic paint, wax,
ink, gold leaf and oil pastels to create texture and depth of both feeling and color.
The deeper I get in to the process, the more complex and compeling the natural symbols
become. I always panic before the piece is finished. I have come to accept and embrace
the panic, realizing it is an integral part of the process. Just as in life we often
panic and question that what we are choosing/doing or saying in the moment isn't right,
but it is all perfect.
For me, nature mirrors human existence. I am comfortable exploring our spiritual and
human existence within the bounds of natural imagery. Living in the Pacific Northwest
for half a dozen years and being surrounded by the native art and culture there
imprinted on me the importance of symbolism in the human psyche. Finding, through Shamanism
 and metaphysical studies the root of these symbols helps me
identify what I am perhaps trying to create with my art